Welcome to Marinette Store!

Why does Marinette Store exist?

We’re glad you asked!

There is a new economy underway – driven by businesses, citizens, and shoppers – who know the buck on climate change stops with us and who believe the way to preserve the beauty, biodiversity and just plain livability of this planet is to run our businesses and lead our lives with consciousness. This new economy will be led by those who buy less, but buy better. Who know that they can live and operate in a way that is not just about "doing less bad" to the planet, but actually restoring and regenerating its natural resources and communities.

No more disposable toxic products!

We think cheap, disposable products that provide short-term benefits to encourage repurchases are the past.

That making decisions solely for short-term financial gain are so yesterday.

The future? Goods that are high quality, thoughtfully produced, and long-lasting. Companies that make complex decision, factoring in everything from their bottom line to the world that will exist for their grandchildren's grandchildren. 
Marinette Store exists to support YOU - to help you get exceptional eco-friendly reusable & recyclable goods.